Santa Monica Pulse April 2023 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse April 2023

The City Council recently passed a law that would require gender-neutral public restrooms be included in new buildings. The law is intended to foster “greater inclusivity and equity” but some Councilmembers raised concerns over public safety. In our latest Santa Monica Pulse Poll, we asked if residents opposed or supported the law. The majority of respondents (71 percent) said they opposed it. Another 19 percent supported the law, with about 10 percent saying they weren’t sure.

The city will begin testing the use of Artificial Intelligence cameras to monitor for trespassing, criminal behavior and other unwanted activity at the Main Library. If successful, the AI cameras could be utilized in other areas of the city, including to monitor traffic violations. We asked residents if they supported the use of these cameras to increase public safety. Respondents were torn. About 41 percent supported the use of AI cameras, while 44 percent opposed it. Another 14 percent were unsure or needed more information.

The City Council has directed staff to draft an ordinance setting a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers in Santa Monica. The California Hospital Association raised deep concerns about the proposal, saying it could cause more hospitals to close their doors or reduce services for patients. We asked residents if they supported or opposed such an ordinance. About 49 percent said they opposed it, while another 32 percent said they supported it. About 18 percent were unsure.