Santa Monica Pulse August 2021 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse August 2021

Vaccine mandates are coming to Los Angeles County — whether residents like it or not. Santa Monicans seem particularly divided on the issue, according to our latest Santa Monica Pulse.

When it comes to mandating vaccines for indoor public spaces, 52 percent of residents opposed the policy, but another 46 percent supported it. And it’s not just vaccine mandates for themselves or the general public that people seem torn on. 50 percent also said they opposed a vaccine mandate for public employees, while 47 percent said they supported it.

In terms of state and county wide elections, 53 percent of respondents said they would recall Governor Newsom. That’s about the same amount compared to last month’s polling (54 percent). In his place, the vast majority (40 percent) would vote for Larry Elder. That’s compared to just six percent who said they would vote for Kevin Faulconer, one percent who would vote for John Cox, three percent who would vote for Caitlyn Jenner and another one percent who would vote for Kevin Kiley.

In regard to the Board of Supervisors election, the overwhelming majority (about 70 percent) aren’t sure who they’d vote for. That’s not too surprising, considering the election is still several months away. However, it’s worth noting that only 8 percent said they would vote for Richard Bloom. Despite being the former Mayor of Santa Monica and a longtime resident, Bloom enjoys only a  slight lead over the other two candidates at this stage.