Santa Monica Pulse January 2023 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse January 2023

In our latest Santa Monica Pulse Poll, we asked Santa Monicans how they felt about new security guards armed with cameras and tracking devices that were recently assigned to patrol the city’s 10 public parking structures in the Downtown area nightly. When asked if they thought these new guards would increase safety in the area, only 17 percent said they thought the guards would “greatly increase safety.” The majority of respondents (45 percent) said the guards would somewhat increase safety. Another 28 percent said they thought the guards would have no impact on safety. Nine percent were unsure. 

The drama over the two murals in the lobby at City Hall is coming to a head. Next month, residents will weigh in on what should be done with the two historic murals. When asked what they would do with the murals if they had to decide today, the majority (56 percent) of respondents said they would keep the murals where they are. Another 19 percent said they would move the murals to a museum and replace them with new artwork. About eight percent said they would take the murals down and replace them. 16 percent of respondents wrote in their own answer. Many of these write-in comments noted that they had never seen the murals, and suspected the majority of residents also hadn’t seen them. Some thought the city should focus on other, more pressing issues like safety. 

Finally, we asked about the City Council’s recent vote to ban any person who has been paid to lobby the City from being appointed to a board or commission. The new rule also bars any member of an appointed body from “simultaneously acting as a lobbyist/legislative advocate.” The law passed by a 5-2 vote, with the two newest Councilmembers Jesse Zwick and Caroline Torosis voting against it. When asked if they supported this policy, a whopping 74 percent said yes. Only 10 percent said they didn’t support the ban, and another 16 percent were unsure.