Santa Monica Pulse July 2022 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse July 2022

Our latest Santa Monica Pulse polling asked residents to weigh in on some recent updates that could impact local businesses, especially in Downtown Santa Monica.

The City Council recently appointed three new board members to Downtown Santa Monica, the nonprofit that manages the 3rd Street Promenade. As local business owners and other stakeholders, some are hopeful that these new members will help tackle homelessness and crime, among other issues. When asked if they believed the newest board members would help put the promenade on a path to recovery, a majority of respondents were unsure (53 percent). Another 32 percent did not think the new board members would put the promenade on a better path. Only 14 percent said they thought the new members would help the promenade.

As of July 1, Santa Monica’s minimum wage increased to $15.96 per hour, with paid sick leave for up to 72 hours a year depending on the size of the business. Some small business owners have commented that the higher wage and sick leave presents a challenge, especially in a post-COVID economy. When asked if they believed a higher wage would have a positive, negative, or neutral impact on small businesses in Santa Monica, 46 percent said negative. Another 29 percent said positive and 24 percent said neutral.

We also asked how residents felt about Los Angeles County potentially bringing back indoor mask mandates to fight the spread of BA.4 and BA.5 COVID-19 subvariants. 67 percent of residents opposed renewing indoor mask mandates. 27 percent supported the move, and another four percent were unsure.