Santa Monica Pulse May 2023 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse May 2023

Our latest Santa Monica Pulse poll sought to gauge how residents perceive the general direction of the city since the new City Council took over.

Our first question asked about the Council’s recently approved settlement agreement that averts about a dozen “builder’s remedy” development projects that would have been built outside of the Council’s control. Instead, the majority of the proposed developments will be resubmitted under the city’s planning process and subject to height restrictions. When asked if they supported this agreement, 60 percent say yes. Another 21 percent said no, and about 18 percent were unsure.

As we reach close to half a year with the current City Council, we asked residents to weigh in on whether or not they approve of the Councils performance so far. The majority (53 percent) said they disapproved of the Council’s performance. Only 12 percent said they approved. Another 35 percent said they weren’t sure.

We also asked residents to highlight their top priority for the City Council going forward. Most respondents (34 percent) said reducing homelessness should be the top priority. 23 percent said improving public safety, five percent said passing legislation to help small businesses, and about three percent said increasing development downtown. No respondents chose making the city more attractive to tourism.

33 percent of residents chose to write in their own response. Of these responses, many wrote in that increasing public safety and reducing homelessness would lead to more tourism and more successful small businesses. Others were specifically concerned about affordable housing and overdevelopment.