Santa Monica Pulse May 2024 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse May 2024

In May’s Santa Monica Pulse poll, we asked residents about a recently passed ordinance that will prohibit any City Funds and Human Service Grants to distribute needles and glass pipes in Santa Monica’s parks, all public areas, and near schools. When asked if they asked with this ordinance, 85 percent of respondents said yes. Only 13 percent disagreed. About two percent were unsure.

We also asked residents if they supported raises for members of City Council. Right now, Councilmembers are paid $17,000 a year. But the Council is considering giving itself, and future Councilmembers, a raise. Proponents argue that a raise would encourage more diverse candidates to run for City Council. Critics are concerned a raise could “send the wrong message” as the Council faces budget constraints. When asked if they supported a raise for City Council, 30 percent said yes. The majority of respondents (56 percent) said no. About 13 percent were unsure.

A growing numbers of student workers of the University of California are on strike over the school’s response to anti-Israel protests. Some protesters erected encampments on school property and took over a campus building before being pushed out by police. The union leading the strike is demanding “amnesty for those who experienced arrest or are facing University discipline.” When asked if they supported amnesty for students who took over school property and participated in the protests, only 16 percent said yes. 77 percent said they did not support amnesty for the protesters. Six percent were unsure.