Santa Monica Pulse October 2022 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse October 2022

Election Day is right around the corner in Santa Monica. To gauge the city’s pulse as it heads to the polls, we’ve been asking residents where they land on some big ballot questions.

First up: two transfer taxes on the ballot — one from Mayor Himmelrich and one from Councilmember Phil Brock. The Mayor’s measure would tax $53 per $1,000 on properties valued at $8 million. Brock’s would charge a more modest transfer tax on certain commercial properties, with the revenue going to support various local priorities.

In our September poll, about 51 percent were either unsure or against both tax measures. In our latest Santa Monica Pulse poll, that number jumped slightly to 57 percent. About 16 percent support the Mayor’s measure this time around, with another 25 percent supporting Councilmember Brock’s measure instead.

With three City Council seats up for grabs, we also asked residents which three candidates they would be most likely to support. In September, 52 percent of respondents said they were either not sure or voting for none of the candidates listed. Now, that number has dropped substantially to just under 20 percent. This suggest more residents have made up their mind on who they’ll be voting for at the ballot box — just in time for election day.

In September, leading candidates were Armen Melkonians with 33 percent, Lana Negrete with about 25 percent, and Albin Gelicz with just over 10 percent putting him slightly ahead of Caroline Torosis. In our latest poll, the same three candidates remain in the lead, but by much larger margins. Melkonians has 52 percent, Negrete has 50 percent, and Gelicz has 22 percent.