Santa Monica Pulse October 2021 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse October 2021

Our latest Santa Monica Pulse Poll focused on the city’s crime and homelessness crisis that came to a head earlier this month when a reality TV star was one of three victims attacked by a homeless woman in the city. The attacks made national headlines.

We asked Santa Monicans if this latest incident should be a catalyst for city officials to reconsider their current approach to addressing crime and homelessness. 90 percent said “yes,” while only five percent said “no” and three percent said they weren’t sure. When asked what they thought the city should do to combat homelessness, 76 percent said there should be increased police patrols in the downtown area and beach, especially at night. 87 percent said clearing out homeless encampments. 28 percent said extending hours for the Ambassador program to night or early morning.

Other residents wrote in suggestions including “constant guarding of parking structures,” hiring more police officers and increasing patrols across the city, and enforcing existing laws against camping.

The new Police Chief in town could help set the city on a better path, but residents seem unsure of what his impact will be. When asked if they thought the new Police Chief would help reduce crime and homelessness, 77 percent said they were unsure. Only six percent said “yes,” and another 15 percent said “no.”