Santa Monica Pulse, February 2021 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse, February 2021

Today, Eyes on 11 released its first Santa Monica Pulse — a series of monthly polls aimed at gauging how Santa Monicans feel about pressing issues in their city.

Via text message, residents were asked a series of questions regarding crime and homelessness, and their opinions of the new City Council. The survey results suggest residents are still waiting for the Council’s newest members to lead the way on changing the status quo.

When asked if they thought the city had made more or less of an effort to reduce crime in the last month, 45 percent of respondents said “less.” Another 40 percent said the effort was unchanged — while only 4 percent said the city had made more of an effort. When asked if homelessness had gotten worse or better in the last month, an overwhelming 80 percent said “worse.” Another 80 percent said they wanted to see more security patrols by the promenade and in other areas of downtown Santa Monica.

When it comes to the City Council’s performance, residents are still looking for more leadership from the new Councilmembers. 57 percent rated the Council’s performance as “poor.” When asked if Santa Monica was on the right track, 85 percent said “no.”

In December, we released a survey that suggested residents were optimistic about the new City Council. But meaningful changes don’t happen overnight. As the new Councilmembers continue to navigate ways to bring about much-needed change, their marching orders from residents are clear.

This poll was sent to a group of civically engaged Santa Monica residents who had previously opted in to receive more information on education efforts surrounding crime and safety in their city.

Want to be included in the next poll? Email your name and cell phone number to [email protected].