Santa Monica Pulse August 2023 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse August 2023

Our latest Santa Monica Pulse polling shows residents have strong feelings when it comes to peace and quiet in residential areas. We asked residents about hotel worker union Unite Here Local 11’s disruptive early morning protests in the LA-area — some reportedly starting as early as 5:30 AM. Beverly Hills is even suing the union over the loud, morning protests. When asked if the union should be allowed to protest so early in residential areas, an overwhelming 80 percent of respondents said no. Only 16 percent said yes, and about four percent were unsure.

We also asked residents to weigh in on an LA-County/Santa Monica program that allows individuals to avoid jail time if they self-report as homeless, or experiencing other mental health or substance abuse issues. Several crimes in the city have been perpetrated by individuals who have avoided jail time for previous offenses. When asked if they thought a stricter policy should be put in place to keep violent offenders off the streets, about 90 percent of respondents said yes. Only eight percent said no, and another two percent were unsure.

The California Supreme Court recently reversed an Appeals Court ruling that found Santa Monica’s at-large election system did not discriminate against Latino voters. Now, the city can either continue to fight the lawsuit— spending even more money in the process— or it can settle the suit. We asked residents which option they preferred. The majority (54 percent) said the city should settle the suit. Another 25 percent said the city should continue to fight. 20 percent were unsure.