Santa Monica Pulse December 2023 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse December 2023

In 2023, the City Council planned to consider changing Santa Monica’s noise ordinance to prevent disruptive early morning protests, including loud protests held by the local hotel worker union Unite Here Local 11. However, the issue got dropped. Our latest Santa Monica Pulse asked residents if they would support the Council considering changing the current ordinance to limit early morning protests in residential areas. The vast majority of respondents (83 percent) said “yes.” Only about 10 percent said “no,” and another six percent weren’t sure.

City Council also proposed increasing the City’s parking facility tax, which is currently 10 percent. Prompted by a tragic bicyclist accident, the tax revenue would go toward efforts to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities. However, recent data show the number of “injury-causing crashes” involving cyclists has dropped dramatically in Santa Monica in recent years. Knowing this, we asked residents if they supported or opposed raising the parking facility tax. About 84 percent opposed the tax hike. Only 10 percent supported it, and another five percent were unsure.

We also asked residents about the potential to expand the city’s Homeless Support Team — a three-person crew contracted by the City to clean up homeless encampments, in addition to other support services. Since September, the team has picked up over 37 tons of trash. We asked if the city should expand the team and make it a permanent part of the city’s efforts to combat homelessness and increase safety. More than 77 percent said “yes.” About 10 percent said “no,” and another 12 percent weren’t sure.