Santa Monica Pulse January 2024 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse January 2024

Our latest Santa Monica Pulse polling asked residents if hospitality worker union Unite Here Local 11 has been a positive or negative influence in Santa Monica. The union recently failed to get enough signatures for a ballot initiative that would have required city hotels to pay their workers $30 an hour. The union has also been active in recent months organizing loud, early-morning protests in residential areas. 58 percent of respondents said the union has been a negative influence. Only 15 percent said positive, and another 25 percent were unsure.

The City Council recently voted unanimously to implement a program that places unarmed security guards on buses and at bus stops throughout Santa Monica. The new policy was put in place in response to an uptick in passenger disturbances and other conduct violations. When asked if they thought this new initiative will help reduce crime, 47 percent of respondents said “yes.” Another 33 percent said “no,” while 18 percent were unsure.

As we head into 2024, our poll looked to gauge public approval of the City Council’s performance. When asked if they would approve or disapprove of the current City Council’s recent performance, 55 percent said disapprove. Only nine percent said approve, and another 34 percent were unsure.