Santa Monica Pulse June 2022 - Santa Monica Pulse

Santa Monica Pulse June 2022

Our latest Santa Monica Pulse polled residents on whether or not they opposed or supported two rival ballot measures in the city. 

The first measure was proposed by Mayor Himmelrich and will likely appear on the November ballot. The measure would increase the transfer tax on certain real estate transactions by 704 percent. It would greatly expand the city’s ability to repurpose existing buildings or construct new buildings for affordable housing with minimal independent oversight or resident input. 88 percent of respondents said they opposed this measure, with less than six percent saying they supported it.

Councilmember Brock proposed a rival ballot measure. His measure would charge a more modest real estate transfer tax on certain commercial properties. The revenue would go to support various local priorities, including public safety, fighting crime, and reducing homelessness. Residents seem torn on this measure, with an almost equal amount supporting and opposing it — 47 percent and 43 percent respectively. Another 13 percent said they were unprepared.

We also asked residents about the downtown safety ambassador program. Responding to recent calls to remove the ambassador program, chair of Downtown Santa Monica Barry Snell defended the program saying it supports a safe downtown area. He rejected recent calls to eliminate the program. But more than half (52 percent) of residents oppose the program. 24 percent said they support it and about another 23 percent were unsure.